Selected realizations of the RENOCOMFORT company

European Parliament Lex 2000, Brussels

Sealing glass façades and roofs in the European Commission building LEX 2000 in Brussels
facade seals; materials: Sika, Detaflex, Soudal

Railway Station, Antwerp

Sealing of concrete panels; materials: Sika, Soudal
sealing glass columns and stairs; materials: Sika, Soudal

City Garden, Brussels

granite seals and marble facades; materials: Sika

Police building, Amsterdam

Seals of granite slabs; materials: Sika

Tobacco magazines, Kallo

Fire-fighting fugues; materials: Soudal

Masque Merico, Hallen

Materials: Soudal

Office building, Gdańsk

Sealing the glass façade

Herentals, Belgium

Sealing the glass façade

Limoges, France

sealing concrete-inox plinths

Bakery in Eke, Belgium

sealing plinths and walls

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK), Krakow

sealing the glass façade


sealing the glass façade

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