RENOCOMFORT deals with siliconizing and sealing in a wide range.

We silicone and seal:

• glass structures: glass walls, glass roofs
• concrete structures: concrete panels, slabs, pillars
• stone and marble facades
• dams
• bridges
• swimming pools
• bathrooms
• windows
• doors

We make joints for various applications, including:

• silicone joints
• fire protection joints
• flexible joints
• waterproof joints
• polyurethane joints
• two-component silicone joints (for pools)

We use the best quality materials from Sika, Soudal, Detaflex and others. These are polyurethane sealing compounds with manufacturer's guarantees, silicones, sealing compounds, glues and many others.

We work manually and pneumatically, using professional equipment: pneumatic guns, electric and manual guns.

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